Make Your Own Holiday Bath Fizzler Gifts

 Help your child to give the gift of comfort and relaxation!

Mix baking soda with lemon juice, and a bubbling reaction takes place, releasing carbon dioxide gas. Help your child make these homemade bath fizzlers for holiday gift-giving! These fizzing little balls of fun provide your child with do-it-yourself effort to show his or her love for family or appreciation of a friend. Show your child how elements react by reading Oxygen Finds Friends together. You probably have all the materials you need already, but if not, they are readily available.


What You Need:
Measuring cups
Blender or food processor
Mixing bowl
Wooden spoon
Cookie sheet
Waxed paper
Cookie cutters or ice cube trays
Spray bottle
Epsom salts
Baking soda
Lemon juice
Vanilla extract or lavender oil
Food coloring (optional)

What You Do:
1. Ask your child to pour 1/4 cup Epsom salts in a blender or food processor.  Then whirr it to create a fine powder.  If you don’t have those appliances, put the Epsom salts in a zippered bag and crush the granules by rolling over the bag with a rolling pin… or use a sifter.

2. Next, invite your child to put the blended Epsom salts into a mixing bowl and add 1 cup of baking soda. Mix them together well with a wooden spoon.  Set aside.

3. Now add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to a spray bottle that contains 1/4 cup water, along with a couple drops of vanilla extract or lavender oil.  You can also add a couple drops of natural food coloring to make her bath fizzlers colorful! (Information on natural food coloring can be found in Everybody Cooks! STEM Facts and Recipes for Family Cooperation and Healthier Eating – Holiday Favorites Edition, page 27).

4. Show your child how to spray the liquid mixture onto the dry ingredients. Carefully start stirring. When the liquid is sprayed onto the dry ingredients, she you may see a slight bubbling. That’s baking soda reacting with the acid in the lemon juice to release carbon dioxide gas.

5. Once the mixture starts resembling damp sand and begins holding together, it’s ready to be molded. Your child can press the sandy bath salts into the cookie cutters or ice cube trays. Then gently tap them out onto a cookie sheet covered with waxed paper. Let them dry overnight.

6. The dried fizzing bath soaps can be wrapped in clear plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon to give as gifts, or your child can enjoy one of her handmade fizzlers in her next bath!  Make sure you include a tag that tells what these are and that they are not edible treats!

Wondering what’s so special about Epsom salts in a bath?  Here’s your answer:

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