Gary A. Stewart

About Gary

Gary has successfully raised two boys to whom he has instilled a love of life, sports and citizenship. Traditionally trained as a pharmacist, Gary has always sought to make his mark on whatever he undertook.  His ongoing quest for learning and knowledge has provided him some amazing opportunities in his life.  With his scientific and business background, Gary has had many executive positions where he helped promote critical thinking, innovation and creativity.  He has helped leading companies excel in strategic planning, sales, and domestic/global business development.  His tenure of 20 years as a high school and college basketball referee, has helped him impart the values of discipline, camaraderie and teamwork in children and young adults.  Gary is an active inventor and educator and his hobbies include cycling, tennis and reading.  He lives in Maryland with his wife Pat and dog Dover.
Phone: 301-785-8850
Columbia, MD 21044